Enact Leadership is a women owned leadership development firm that combines custom consultation, experiential learning programs and expert coaching to develop strong leaders and create real organizational results.


Led by Pamela Hopkins and Sindri Anderson, Enact’s approach is founded on the framework of Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the Organization. When implemented in a systematic and integrated way, leadership development based on this framework induces lasting change.

Enact teams are expert at deeply understanding your context and making learning experiences “high-stakes,” i.e. interactive, relevant and intense. We have experience with clients in markets worldwide and industries from technology to candy, clothing to health, government entities to nonprofit advocacy. When we put a team together to serve your needs, it will have—on average—fifteen years experience in leadership development and facilitation. Our consultants’ diverse backgrounds offer a deep understanding of organizational and cultural dynamics. They are skilled in strategic and tactical leadership development, organizational change, team development, inclusion and diversity initiatives, executive coaching, culture change, and experiential learning and design. They are certified and experienced in a range of instruments such as:

ESCI 360 ™
EQ Baron™
EQ Map™
Benchmarks™ 360
Profilor 360 ™
Intercultural Development Inventory ™
Looking Glass™
DiSC ™
Social Styles Model


Enact is a women-owned, boutique leadership development firm. We provide proven leadership development programs that generate individual awareness, build essential leadership capabilities and contribute to superior organizational results. Enact was founded in 2005 by Sindri Anderson and Pamela Hopkins. After years of working as business leaders, they had experienced too many consulting firms trying to sell programs without understanding the unique needs of the organization. As a result, solutions were not impactful and were costly to redesign and implement. They also noticed that most consulting firms’ talent lacked diversity of thought and life experience. So they set out to build a company using the practices that they teach their clients: to find truly great talent that looks and thinks differently, leverage their strengths and talents, and translate all that into passion for their work and clients. Great leadership comes from a personal call to action and the drive to take insights and turn them into actions that make a difference. It requires leaders to ENACT.

Capable, compassionate leaders creating a world of vital and successful workplaces.

We embody…
Extreme presence
Leadership from the heart
Grit and determination
A client-first mindset
Standing up for diversity

Self, Other, Organization

Enact trains today’s leaders to have a deep awareness of their impact on others and the systems around them. That’s how they ignite individual performance, generate organizational insight, and activate possibilities for themselves and others.


Do you want to build a healthy organizational environment where employees are engaged and focused on common goals? An organization with high-performing leaders who are able to motivate their employees to be the best that they can be so that organizations meet and exceed desired business outcomes? Enact offers a client-centric approach to leadership development with scalable solutions for organizations.

  • 12-year track record of designing and delivering leadership programs for profit, non-profit and government organizations of all sizes.
  • Proven learning design models based on contemporary content and engaging delivery for situations where the stakes are high and immediate results are required.
  • Needs assessment that sets the baseline for outcomes and measurement. We understand that the cost is too great to not get it right the first time and to measure results on the back end.
  • Seasoned consultants, facilitators and coaches with diverse experiences and backgrounds across a variety of industries.
  • Systems approach to leadership development that is specifically designed to fit your organization’s culture and business needs.


Linda Wood

“Enact excels at providing a strategic perspective in leadership development. They have an incredibly talented, diverse team that can tackle complex issues of personalities and systems.Their solutions help leaders in nonprofit organizations and in large public systems build leadership and capacity for achieving their missions.”

Linda WoodDirector Haas Leadership Initiative, Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr. Fund
Julie Patel

“I would definitely recommend Enact to others that are looking for a collaborative, personal and highly experienced partner to work with in the development and global delivery of their leadership development program. Our Coaching Style Leadership program is successful for many reasons….largely because Enact customized a design that ties to our leadership competencies and facilitates the delivery with care and flexibility. This program has exceeded our expectations and is making a difference for our employees.”

Julie PatelUS Learning and Development Lead, Jazz Pharmaceuticals