• Resourceful
  • Zealous
  • Arranger
  • Community Centric

Michelle Carreon

Executive Assistant

As Executive Assistant, Michelle is the right hand woman and support for everyday tasks, logistics and priorities for Enact’s founding partners.

Michelle is passionate about the ongoing development of herself and others, and is committed to the betterment of the systems and interactions that keep people connected daily. She is skillful at creating efficient processes and seeking solutions to complex problems, and inspired to discover ways to work and communicate with others toward a common vision. Having worked in many types of business (nonprofit, small business, fortune 500 companies) and in varied roles (marketing, sales, C-level administrative support) she draws from diverse experience and perspective.  This versatility allows her to roll up her sleeves and be ready for any role or project that comes to her.  Michelle received her Bachelor Degrees in Communication and Marketing at Loyola University in Chicago.

  1. Michelle is a true advocate of community, often participating by supporting the arts and volunteering with non-profits that she cares about.
  2. Michelle’s passion for baking and food has been recently trumped by her newest, and most sincere passion: loving and attending to her 2 young, beautiful children.