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Below are examples of prominent organizations who asked Enact to ignite individual awareness, generate organizational insights, and activate new possibilities for their leaders. Each case demonstrates how our strategic-systems approach helps us address tough situations and reveal best outcomes.








Jazz Pharmaceuticals



Wells Fargo




global immersive experiences prepare leaders to navigate internal and external change

To support a unique business strategy in its industry, Flex turned to Enact for a leadership development solution. Flex knew it had to evolve its culture to be more innovative, with employees throughout the company seeking new ways to provide value to customers in a very cost-focused industry. Working closely with top leaders at Flex, Enact tailored its weeklong Immersive Learning program to build capability for all senior leaders worldwide. Each session is founded on self-assessment/reflection skills, internal knowledge sharing, experiential activities, and the through-line of a fictitious business in the electronic manufacturing services space. Each evening, small teams role-play the leaders of that business, applying the content they have learned during the day. Participants gain a greater understanding of Flex’s strategic goals, desired culture and expectations; reflect on their own leadership and the impact they want to make; develop key Flex leadership competencies; and take away a powerful, customized toolkit for leading self, others and the organization. The program was launched in 2009, and continues to be delivered around the world. Flex invests in it as a key contribution to driving an aligned, global culture because, as their CEO put it in 2012, “Our culture is still the only sustainable competitive advantage. It is what makes us unique as a company.”

Enact Leadership - Case Studies - Flextronics
Enact Leadership - Case Studies - Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Jazz Pharmaceuticals

one-on-ones and reinforcement sessions ensure return on investment in development

Jazz is a growing pharmaceutical company devoted to retaining its distinctive culture. As it became more global through several acquisitions, Jazz realized that its leaders needed to be able to coach and collaborate successfully across functions and geographies. Enact tailored its Coaching Style Leadership program to map to Jazz leadership competencies and developed two important pull-through components. Soon after attending the program, each leader meets one-on-one with an Enact facilitator to demonstrate their current level of coaching skill and gain targeted feedback to up-level. In the same session, they receive coaching on how to apply their insights from the workshop into real-world situations, ensuring rapid transfer of learning and return on the training investment. Within three to six months post-program, Enact provides a customized reinforcement session that builds on the program content and helps participants address key real world challenges and opportunities. Participants report that they have received significant personal value, with their teams noticing improved skills and relationships. The pull-through activities are credited with cementing learning and making a visible difference in the organization.


comprehensive program builds deeper leadership bench to outperform competitors

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company’s executive team enlisted Enact to design and facilitate its first leadership development program, with the goal of preparing leaders across the organization for more advanced roles. In partnership with an internal team of stakeholders, Enact customized a leadership competency model, and then tailored the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, Coaching Style Leadership and Strategic Leadership offerings to meet the organization’s needs. During the three-day program, leaders increase their self-awareness and accountability, develop authentic and empathic communication skills, foster engagement through motivation and direction setting, and develop skills in managing conflict, systems-thinking and leading change. The program was delivered to all people managers across the organization in the first year, building a powerful platform of shared expectations and competencies. The executive team reports a stronger cohort of leaders across functional areas that is driving improved cross-department teamwork and communications, and the annual employee engagement survey shows a significant improvement in categories related to people management. As a proof point of the initiative’s success in achieving its stated goal, the succession planning process reveals a growth in readiness and potential for promotion for key positions.

Enact Leadership - Case Studies - Ghirardelli


Derek Walker

“Enact gave our management team the tools we needed to reach the next level of acumen and collective problem-solving. Their clinics focused on the most pressing issues we were facing, and the follow up 1:1 coaching for each manager refined our newly-acquired skills and gave everyone a renewed sense of confidence. As a result, the management team learned to communicate and collaborate better with each other and with our employees, and to anticipate and address challenging interpersonal dynamics proactively and constructively.”

Derek WalkerAssociate VP, US Climate and Energy Program, Environmental Defense Fund
Lisa Cloutier

“The work that the Enact Team has done for Lindt USA has truly given us the tools to prepare our Leaders for future growth. What makes Enact different is their approach and the investment they make to ensure Enact delivers sustainable value for their clients. Pamela and Sindri bring incredible depth, experience and industry knowledge, together with a genuine desire to understand who we are as a Company, and what we want to achieve. The partnership has truly impacted our organization and set us on a path that will drive our continued success.”

Lisa CloutierVice President, Human Resources, Lindt USA