Actionable skills to lead effectively across differences and build inclusive cultures

Thriving organizations are led by those able to identify and cultivate the value of increasingly diverse markets and workplaces. Inclusive workplaces are more vibrant and engaged, making it easier to achieve organizational objectives. No longer a matter of mandated attitudes and measures, inclusion is now a central tenet of any dynamic organization.

Enact’s Inclusive Leadership program helps leaders sharpen their mindsets, skills, and practices around what inclusion means in their personal behavior, management practices, and strategic thinking. This program offers tools and exercises that help leaders build work environments where the value of each employee is realized and leveraged.

This program takes place over two or three days and can include post-event learning options. Contact Enact for more about inclusive leadership.

  • Understand how diversity, inclusion, and equity relate
  • Identify unconscious bias and unintentional exclusion in oneself and others
  • Develop a personal stance on diversity, and lead by example
  • Foster change within one’s sphere of influence
  • Build a productive, collaborative, and inclusive work environment


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