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Living your Purpose: How to pause and reset for 2020

Already out of the starting blocks and racing full throttle into 2020??  You might want to slow that roll since research from both Harvard and Quartz show that retrospection and reflection are key to personal/professional growth and happiness. Use the following steps and the simple but powerful downloadable IKIGAI tool to integrate your path with your purpose.

1. Reflect back on accomplishments as a great way to bring a practice of gratitude and appreciation. Your stories of accomplishment can also fuel your performance review, development planning, perhaps even build a case for your own advancement and promotion. 

2. Think back on 2019, what was a challenge you were able to face? What skill did you master, what relationship were you able to strengthen?  What impact did this accomplishment have on your life/work/team? 

3. What 3 small wins and/or new behaviors contributed to this accomplishment? 

4. Who was instrumental in supporting you?  Consider writing a note of appreciation to the people who advocated, mentored, and coached you in this past year.

As you project your energy and plan for goals in this new year decade, what is motivating you right now?  Do your 2020 goals align with:  your strengths?  Your passion?  Organizational needs?  Your well-being?

As you launch into this new decade, consider spending energy and time getting clear on your purpose, which is also known in Japan as your IKIGAI or reason for being:

The Japanese IKIGAI is this beautiful venn-diagram of overlapping circles.  The intersection of what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for are IKIGAI or what we would call our purpose, or reason for being.

Consider carving out the time to think about yourself and your life through each of these larger circles to build awareness of what is really important for you right now.  When you are clear about your strengths, preferences, and values you are likely to make better decisions about your work, life, and goals.

The more you can live and work in alignment with your IKIGAI, the closer you will be to your purpose, or reason for being.

Click here to download your own DIY IKIGAI template to explore your reason for being.