• Creative
  • Energetic
  • Results oriented
  • Strategic

Cherie Salonga

Project/Marketing Coordinator

Cherie never saw a problem she didn’t want to solve.  With over 10 years of project management and executive administrative experience, Cherie’s mission has been to help organizations create order from chaos.  She has supported a variety of leaders to free up valuable time by coordinating their workflow, managing their projects, systematizing their calendars and managing their travel. She is passionate about creating more organized time and space for busy executives to implement organizational change and actualize their vision.

From her personal experience focusing on identifying ways to bring order to a disorganized life, she is now committed to having balance and simplicity in her world which has brought more contentment than she could have imagined.  Since successfully working through this personal transformation, Cherie is helping others get the same sense of accomplishment and contentment she created for herself.

Cherie constantly strives to improve herself and the world around her.  She is dedicated to learning about, sharing and living a sustainable life and takes workshops and volunteers for the environment.  She earned a B.A. in Family and Consumer Sciences from San Francisco State University and is married with a young daughter.

  1. Cherie has a close personal relationship with flowers, yet another place she brings order and beauty to the world.
  2. Cherie is a California native with a strong connection to family and friends.