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Chris Darby


Christopher is passionate about supporting people and organizations to increase their capacity to communicate, cooperate, and lead across difference. With a strategic mind, strong learning stance, and over fifteen years of facilitation experience, he brings powerful perspectives and practices to his work as a consultant and coach. Growing up Black and middle class in Berkeley, California provided Christopher a foundational intersection that early on sparked questions of race, belonging, diversity, leadership, equity, and solidarity–questions that he has been pursuing vigorously ever since.

Christopher began working in diversity education when he was 16, and co-founded his first business the next year—for nearly two decades, he has facilitated conversations about issues of difference and worked to build and optimize organizational structures. Over that time, he has consulted for leaders, creators, innovators, and businesses, and has developed leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion curricula for a diverse range of clients. His practice is informed by compassionate curiosity, a growth model of learning, an intergenerational understanding of change making, and a belief that positionality informs strategy.

Christopher studied the African Diaspora and Colonial Americas at Columbia University, graduating magna cum laude with a BA in history in 2009. In 2015, Christopher was awarded the Urban Scholar Fellowship to attend the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he earned his MA studying community engagement, peace education, and curriculum development. The following year he was a Scholar in Residence at the MindKind Institute for Mindful Leadership in New York before returning home to the Bay Area.

  1. Christopher is an avid soccer fan, and briefly played semi-professional soccer in Ecuador in the small community of La Unión de Sillagua.
  2. Christopher worked as a strategist for the internationally acclaimed rapper, Shahmen, traveling with him to Cameroon, Brazil, the Netherlands, Japan, and Indonesia to perform, collaborate with local artists, and shoot music videos.