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Colette Ruoff

Senior Consultant

Colette is passionate about activating leaders to expand their capacity and willingness to lead their organizations boldly into the future. She is an organizational consultant and executive coach who specializes in building the leadership capabilities of executives and teams at all levels of management. Through facilitating workshops, Colette has worked with teams and groups to build community and strengthen the group’s ability to be authentic and solve problems from a place of mutual accountability, rather than competition.

Colette has completed global culture change initiatives and has served as Senior Faculty for the Exetor Group and was a consultant with several distinguished firms. She has worked with executives and teams across many industries, globally. Her leadership coaching is focused on helping leaders build self-awareness, personal authenticity and influence within the context and culture of their organizations. Prior to her work in leadership development, Colette taught presentation and communication skills and worked in the financial services industry.

Colette holds an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business, a BBA in finance and marketing from Hofstra University and is a certified coach through New Ventures West.

  1. In 2014, Colette became a social entrepreneur with the founding of SageArts; an arts-based community building organization which brings elders together with songwriters to write songs about their lives.
  2. In her free time Colette can be found off on a wilderness adventure out west or hiking the mountains and kayaking in the rivers of the Hudson Valley. Colette lives in New York State.