• Catalyst
  • Compassionate Witness
  • Strategist
  • Dynamic Facilitator

Jodi Gold

Senior Consultant/Executive Coach

Jodi is committed to helping leaders build great organizations by becoming more self aware, accountable, and able to be conscious and deliberate in their actions. She has the most impact when she works with groups, inspiring people to align with and commit to workplace actions that produce extraordinary results. Her trainings are lively, highly interactive, challenging and a lot of fun!

Over the past 30 years, Jodi has enjoyed coaching and developing leaders across sectors and industries from higher education and non-profits to financial services and dozens of technology companies of all sizes. Jodi has assisted many organizations in strengthening their leadership team, creating alignment across mid- level managers, driving cross-functional teamwork, and defining and implementing large-scale change initiatives. She is skillful at offering candid feedback based on her keen ability to observe, assess, and articulate the current situation and define the outcomes that matter most.

Jodi holds a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design (M.Ed.) from the University of Toledo.

  1. Jodi co-owned a workshop company for 15 years that offered spiritual retreats and sacred journeys. She continues to facilitate retreats and co-leads trips to Bali and other favorite spots in Asia.
  2. Jodi is passionate about food and wine and has described cooking for the people she loves as her meditation.