• Connector
  • Strategic
  • Positive
  • Empathetic

Julie Klenn

Operations Manager

Julie is inspired by co-creating within an organization that shares her values and vision. With Enact, Julie manages business operations including accounting functions, financial tracking, income projections, and both client and associate contractual agreements. She complements her organizational skills with emotional intelligence and a positive attitude. She considers her deliberate state of joyfulness to be her greatest achievement of success.

Julie is a client-service operations professional, and has acquired her organizational skills through a broad spectrum of educational and job training experience. She has over 30 years of experience as both an independent contractor and office manager across many industries, including financial services, healthcare, education, and retail.

  1. Julie comes from family of 9 which has helped her appreciate the complexities of managing diverse and dynamic offices.
  2. Julie’s experience in bodywork, spirituality and meditation has enhanced her management skills.