• Passionate
  • Curious
  • Focused
  • Life-long learner

Lia Shigemura

Senior Consultant

Lia is a passionate and effective catalyst for positive change. She is adept at elevating leaders’ and teams’ effectiveness and maximizing potential through conscious self-awareness and deliberate action.

Prior to Enact, Lia held a variety of leadership positions within human resources, diversity and inclusion, and line organizations in a broad range of firms worldwide. She was Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at ABM Industries, and was responsible for professional-development strategy. She has also led organizations within the public and non-profit sectors.

Lia has a BA in Psychology from the University of Puget Sound, Seattle, and an MA in Cross-cultural Counseling from the University of Wisconsin. She contributed her time and skills to numerous non-profit organizations, including Horizons Foundation, for which she served as chair of the board of directors; Asian Women’s Shelter, of which she was a founder and director; and API Wellness Center, for which she was board president.

  1. One of Lia’s creative diversity & inclusion efforts at ABM Industries involved working with CBS Television to feature the value & richness of the employees on “Undercover Boss.” This particular segment had the highest viewership of the season.
  2. In the arena of civil rights, Lia worked to secure recognition and redress for Americans of Japanese descent who were interned in American concentration camps during WWII.
  3. Lia’s first job in the SF Bay Area was as a geriatric social worker in San Francisco.
  4. In addition to her academic credentials, Lia graduated from bartending school and is a certified mixologist.