• Connector
  • Innovator
  • Collaborator
  • Systems Thinker

Tres Jiménez

Senior Consultant

Tres is a creative catalyst who leads people out of their comfort zones to discover their own untapped potential. She helps leaders at all levels diagnose and assess needs in order to develop solutions that are creative, collaborative, strategic, and directly tied to organizational vision and goals. Her authentic and energetic facilitation style ignites passion in the process of co-creation and implementation of individual and team learning, problem solving, innovation and effectiveness.

Tres has worked in the fast-paced apparel and home retail industries for several well-known global companies where she held leadership roles in talent management, production and merchandising. She also serves on the board of a non-profit for manufacturers in San Francisco, providing consultation to new and growing companies.

  1. Tres comes from a Cuban family, with three sisters and a daughter that she considers her best friends, lives in the warehouse district of Oakland where she creates art and merriment with her creative life partner, Jack.
  2. Tres is a long distance running coach for a women’s running team in the bay area and considers this all part of her work and life goals to help people find their unique potential.