Change and Innovation

Critical and systems thinking skills to drive creativity and lead organizations through change.

Strategic leaders are guided by clear vision and values that help them take well-reasoned risks to catalyze change. They learn to play out decisions in advance so they can anticipate organizational consequences. They cultivate cultures where rapid learning and experimentation is the norm, and can influence others to take aligned action for lasting impact.

Enact’s Strategic Leadership program gives leaders the chance to apply systems thinking approaches grounded in the realities of their organizations. Through a mix of guided exercises and case-based learning opportunities, leaders enhance their ability to make sound decisions in a world of ambiguous information, use collaborative scenario-thinking to envision possible futures, and lead change compassionately and effectively.

This program takes place over three days and can include post-event learning options. Contact Enact for more about our change and innovation programs.

  • Coach employees to participate in shaping and implementing change
  • Develop fresh ideas that offer innovative solutions to unfamiliar challenges
  • Take personal responsibility for leading strategically


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