Coaching Style

Skills and tools to coach employee performance and growth, and increase engagement and productivity

Successful organizations are led by those who cultivate and apply the talents and motivations of those around them. Such leaders ask great questions, listen deeply, set direction, and foster mutual accountability. By adopting a coaching mindset in all they do, leaders are able to align expectations and values to desired results.

Enact’s Coaching Style Leadership program instills a growth-oriented mindset as a foundation for leadership. Through relevant content and hands-on skill practice, this program helps leaders adopt an authentic and efficient coaching approach founded on an awareness of strengths and opportunity areas. Research shows this leadership style improves performance and helps realize an organization’s long-term investment in its people.

This program takes place over two days and includes a series of powerful application and reinforcement follow-up experiences. Contact Enact for more about coaching style leadership.

  • Get to the heart of the matter by tapping into intrinsic motivations
  • Delegate in ways that empower and develop individuals
  • Foster mutual accountability for process and results
  • Conduct productive feedback conversations that yield self-motivated improvement


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