Emotional Intelligence

Self-awareness, emotional management and conflict agility skills to help leaders influence and engage others

Taming the complexity of today’s business environment requires deep insight and a range of nuanced approaches. Emotional intelligence is a signature quality of leaders who generate innovative solutions while building teams where people thrive. Organizations that develop these traits in leaders improve job satisfaction and results.

Enact’s Emotionally Intelligent Leadership program offers tools, skills and exercises to help leaders recognize the nature of their emotions and those of others, and to use this awareness to catalyze energy, ideas, and relationships. This program shows how leaders can access empathy, develop confidence, and remain adaptable in potentially volatile situations. This results in mindful engagement that brings out the best in everyone.

This program takes place over one or two days and can include post-event learning options. Contact Enact for more about emotional intelligence.

  • Take stock of current emotional intelligence
  • Manage reactions to situations and events
  • Develop empathy & trust skills to strengthen relationships
  • Develop courage to influence others and catalyze hope


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