High Stakes Facilitation

Expert facilitation to transform team dynamics and support critical strategy meetings.

Clients tell us that Enact facilitation services consistently exceed their expectations.  We pride ourselves on continuously honing our skills in this area, and offering world-class meeting design and facilitation.

Our approach:

  • Know the issues—we always conduct 1:1 interviews with a cross-section of participants to ensure relevant outcomes
  • Build a strong agenda, but stay flexible—we adjust in the moment to be sure the group gets what it needs
  • Insist on shared ownership for meeting results—our role is to elicit ideas/solutions from the team, not dominate or direct
  • Keep energy and commitment high—meetings are always hands-on and interactive
  • Challenge with new insights—we intervene on “group think” and pessimism,
  • supporting innovation and a positive outlook on the future
  • Remain humble and let the team work—meetings are about you, not us

“This was the first time I have not wasted time arguing about the facilitators’ interpretation. They were concise, useful and accurate, and helped us to have a very productive meeting.”
– Vice President of Corporate Development Fortune 500 High Tech Company

  • Facilitate team off-sites and critical meetings
  • Challenge group think
  • Focus meetings on meeting business needs
  • Support innovation and positivity


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