Comprehensive, high-impact leadership academy developing skills for today’s complex environment

Visionary leaders develop and implement strategies that anticipate changes in society, markets, technology, and workforces. They find new ways to communicate and inspire aligned actions towards the desired future. And they always work to retain and engage essential talent and skillsets. In our signature immersive learning environment, participants test and grow their strategic leadership, coaching, emotional intelligence, and inclusive leadership skills.

Enact’s Immersive Leadership program is an opportunity for leaders to collaboratively maintain strategic focus and cultivate new approaches in the face of urgent and challenging events. Using the context of a fictional organization at a dynamic moment, participants take on top leadership positions, making both strategic and tactical decisions within real world pressures and constraints. The program culminates in presentations to peers and/or senior leaders for individual learning and feedback.

This program takes place over the course of a week or a series of days across several months. Tailored to suit your organization’s objectives, this program is typically undertaken by a cohort. Contact Enact for more about immersive leadership.

  • Develop self-awareness and equanimity in the face of challenging situations
  • Build effective teams through clear charters, collaboration agreements and strong cultures
  • Adopt a comprehensive change toolkit including both strategic and people leadership
  • Apply a systems-view to ensure sustainable decisions, strategies and investments


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