Actionable skills to lead effectively across differences and build inclusive cultures

Is your organization…

… striving to build a culture where everyone can bring their best ideas?

…worried about attrition, lack of engagement and inequitable practices?

…concerned about unintentional harm or exclusion?

You are not alone!

While most organizations understand the business case for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)–that it increases employee engagement, innovation and retention–they struggle with achieving sustainable change and results At Enact, we know that DEI initiatives must be embedded in all facets of your workplace…going beyond event-based solutions, solitary data reports and promises for change so unrealistic that failure is certain.

And we know that each culture and organization is different, so cookie-cutter approaches won’t work. We partner with you to develop strategic, data-based approaches to address the unique DEI opportunities and challenges you face. We consult on your strategy and practices, we co-create customized solutions and we transfer capability, setting you up for long-term success.

Our diverse group of consultants brings deep organizational and leadership development expertise in addition to DEI knowledge. We facilitate high-impact, interactive and practical learning programs that focus on the levels of self, others and organization. We help participants understand their own mindsets and behaviors and adopt skills and practices to drive diverse, equitable and inclusive work spaces. The sessions go beyond the personal to equip employees to assess and address more systemic barriers.

Content areas include: Inclusive Leadership, Everyday Micro Aggressions, Side by Side: generations in the workplace, The Art of Allyship and Brave Spaces.

Our offerings are customizable to fit your needs with content, applications, duration and modality. Common formats include: 90 minute snackable sessions, Half day or Full day experiences and Academy approaches. In-person, virtual and blended solutions are available as well.

Accountability add-ons include:

  • Enact’s DEI 360 Assessment
  • 1:1 coaching options with seasoned coaches
  • Consultation services
  • Train the Trainer

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  • Understand how diversity, inclusion, and equity relate
  • Identify unconscious bias and unintentional exclusion in oneself and others
  • Develop a personal stance on diversity, and lead by example
  • Foster change within one’s sphere of influence
  • Build a productive, collaborative, and inclusive work environment


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