Organizational Development

Consulting services to help organizations evolve culture, create new strategies, solve problems and reach goals.

Enact provides consulting services to help you advance the strategic work of your organization. Utilizing structured meetings and supporting tools, we ensure your team leaves “in action”, ready to support implementation of your strategic vision.

We diagnose issues and develop solutions for teams at all levels of performance. Our solutions range from long-term, ongoing team development support, to targeted, issue-focused projects (e.g. communication or trust break-downs). Often we support quarterly and/or annual team off-sites aimed at increased alignment, collaboration and efficiency. Whether it is a team start-up, tune-up, or major redirect, we always tap the team intelligence through a collective discovery process, ensuring that the identified improvements have full team commitment.

  • Diagnose issues and develop solutions
  • Leverage team knowledge
  • Team start-up, tune-up or major redirect


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