Committed to Sustainable Business

Enact Leadership is committed to being a sustainable business and aspires to be an overall positive contributor to customers, employees, communities and the environment. We recognize that our performance depends on that of our suppliers, and we work in partnership with them to achieve our vision of creating and sustaining environments that enrich people’s lives. We promote these principles in the solutions we offer our clients with the belief that every corporation has a responsibility to its community to achieve sustainable growth while providing value for all parties involved.

Our suppliers include all organizations from which Enact sources goods and services in the development and delivery of our corporate business activities.

We aim to build long-term collaborative partnerships with organizations that share our values and that are willing and capable of helping us achieve our aspirations. We expect our suppliers to share our commitment to sustainability and to be able to demonstrate how they fulfill this commitment.

Our sustainability efforts include:
  • Enact promotes the use of public transportation systems by locating its headquarters next to mass transit systems.
  • The company also encourages employees to work from their homes where such arrangements are practical and has equipped employees with the means to communicate with clients, colleagues and business partners through web-based technology and communication systems.
  • Enact also participates in composting and recycling programs for papers, newsprint, cardboard, aluminum cans and computer equipment.
  • Enact proactively engages with our suppliers with a focus on building trusting, co-operative and long-term relationships.
  • We monitor the process of achieving our objectives to ensure that integrity is maintained.
  • We define and apply appropriate sourcing methods in our procurement of goods and services, ensuring all capable suppliers have an equal access to opportunities to work with us.
  • We deal with suppliers in good faith, ethically and responsibly, and make payments in accordance with agreed terms.
  • When all other vetting requirements remain equal, we give preference to suppliers that demonstrate a commitment to sustainably manage their business performance, with values complementary to our own.
  • We set clear expectations for our suppliers regarding their sustainability performance.
  • We encourage our key suppliers to make available high value, environmentally and socially responsible products and services as well as to improve the sustainability performance of their businesses
  • We actively engage with key suppliers and provide data and other relevant information to enable innovation and the development of products that meet our aspirations.
  • The company also requires its supply chain partners to be sustainable by qualifying their efficient use of resources, recycled and recyclable materials, as well as utilizing employment and business practices that provide equal opportunity to all employees and foster healthy and prosperous communities.